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Interests + Fun Facts

I am a San Francisco native and a dual citizen of Switzerland. I enjoy cooking, snowboarding,

painting, singing, soccer, cloud-watching, podcasts, documentaries, and learning.


What's in my library

Highlights from my reading

"Designers are often surprised by how much user satisfaction is driven by the emotional rather than functional benefits of an experience. Our job as designers is not just to make things work better so that users can get on with their lives. It is to surprise, delight, and build a meaningful relationship over time."

User Friendly: How the hidden rules of design
are changing the way we live, work, and play
Cliff Kuang + Robert Fabricant

"A respectful environment combined with a sense of trust between team members is a solid foundation for building psychological safety. And psychological safety is the cornerstone of a positive culture. 

Leading from Anywhere
David Burkos

We know we can't count on customers to tell us what to build. Customers don't know what's possible, and with technology products, none of us know what we really want until we see it. It's not that customers or our executives are necessarily wrong; it's just that it's our job to make sure the solution we deliver solves the underlying problem. This is probably the most fundamental principle in all of modern products."

Inspired: How to create tech products customers love
Marty Cagan

"Every button has a label. Every form has error states. Every sign up process has instructions. The words are everywhere, and it's a mistake to treat them as an afterthought - something that can be filled in later."

Writing is Designing
Michael J Metts + Andy Welfle


from a designer in tech

There are so many ways to learn and grow in this field. Podcasts are my personal favorite. I also love taking continuing education courses and seminars. Books and audiobooks are great as well. If only there was more time in the day! Right?!

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