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Scribd E-Reading + Publishing App


Scribd is an e-book, audiobook, and magazine subscription service that offers 1 million+ titles as well as document sharing and an open publishing platform available across every devices. 

The goal of this website and mobile app was to give e-book readers a delightful reading experience and the ability to search and save their favorite books into their personal virtual library. Brand guidelines were developed to ensure consistency in visual language, type, colors, and tone. 


I designed new features and functionality into web and mobile Scribd apps improving the ebook reading experience for 80 million global users. I collaborated closely with other teams including Product, Content, Engineering and Marketing to deliver consistency in brand and experience and mentored junior designers along the way.

I lead the Scribd rebrand, documented brand guidelines, and delivered custom brand photos through coordination of a photo shoot that included booking and directing  models, stylist and photographer.

I also worked with my team to redesign company website which was eventually feature in Time Magazine.

With consistency in visual design, experience, and brand at the forefront of our design decisions, the design, product and engineering teams ultimately worked together to create an app that allowed books to be easily discoverable and the reading experience seamless across multiple platforms and devices.

Further details and metrics available during in-person interview. 

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