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Pearson Ed Tech


Pearson, one of the oldest names in Education history, is well known for creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real life impact. With over 160 million users globally, they are proud to deliver products and content for the lifetime learner. 

Whether it’s upskilling in the workplace, getting ahead in school, making the grade at university, or learning a new language, Pearson products and services help people realize the life they imagine every day.

Pearson holds the consumer at the heart of our thinking. With an integrated portfolio of products, becomin
g increasingly digital is imperative to meeting evolving learning needs and supporting more people in the moments that matter throughout their lives. 



As Senior Director of Product Design and eCommerce, I united and guided talented diverse teams of UX designers, UI Designers, Content Strategists, UX Writers, and User Researchers who delivered eCommerce sites globally including U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia.   

I collaborated with Product and Marketing to align goals and develop a design and content strategy that addressed the specific needs of our users and ensured business objectives were met.

Established and refined processes within the team and  across departments to enhance efficiencies and go to market more quickly based around a rotating back to school schedule.

Accelerated customer conversions through development of delightful customer experiences based on UX Research insights tied to specific customer personas and journeys.

Scaled and refined design system and documentation promoting consistency, increasing GTM and enabling partnering teams to sandbox quickly.

Contributed to job architecture and levels in support of talent acquisition.

Further details and metrics available during in-person interview. 

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