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TokBox Rebrand



TokBox was a PaaS company that provided APIS, hosted infrastructure and developer tools to enable businesses to use WebRTC. In addition to the video platform (known as the OpenTok platform), the company offered additional programmable communications features and SDKs to make using the platform simpler.  TokBox was acquired by Vonage Business in 2018. 

The goal of the rebrand was to position and differentiate TokBox as the go-to live video platform provider in the market. 


As head of Design at TokBox I was responsible for Product Design, UX Research, Marketing Design and Branding. 


In 2018 the team set out to redesign the TokBox brand. It needed drop the OpenTok platform brand, better differentiate us better in the market, reduce brand confusion, and increase customer trust. I managed the work which included a combination of in-house designers, contract designers, and agency designers. The brand refresh 

Further details and metrics available during in-person interview. 

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