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TokBox Live Video

Platform + APIs


TokBox was a PaaS company that provided APIS, hosted infrastructure and developer tools to enable businesses to use WebRTC. In addition to the video platform (known as the OpenTok platform), the company offered additional programmable communications features and SDKs to make using the platform simpler.  TokBox was acquired by Vonage Business in 2018.


As head of Design at TokBox I was responsible for Product Design, UX Research, Marketing Design and Branding. The team was part local in-office so implementing a design process that worked for everyone was an iterative process in and of itself.

To level up the team, I started TokBox’s first UX Research program in an effort to make design more data driven and for the team to play a more active role in the business. This program helped increase customer retention, acquisition, revenue and LTV while reducing churn. I am proud to have transformed the company culture to one that valued UX Design and UXR as an imperative component of the Product development process.  

Product design included ux design of all TokBox features, functions and UI for the OpenTok platform, multiple industry tailored desktop and mobile application video demos, a suite of developer tools, and customer dashboard. Also, UX Research was introduced which included customer journey maps, personas, and data insights which drove product and ux strategy. 

Marketing Design included desktop and mobile website design, sales and marketing decks, custom targeted marketing ads, lead generation advertisements, stock image curation, swag, event design for hackathons and conventions.


Brand Design included managing consistent use of brand guidelines across the organization, maintaining a design system with code-ready kits, and a documented brand style guide. In an effort to improve brand recognition, differentiate from similar brands in the marketplace, and increase engagement with customers, a rebrand initiative was launched in 2018. ​

Further details and metrics available during in-person interview. 

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