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Vonage ReBrand



Vonage Business Solutions consists of three business lines: API platform, B2B Vonage Business Cloud application, and Vonage Contact Center technology. The company and its brand have been known for VOIP and recognition of the brand in the public had began to wane. It was time for a refresh and the Vonage marketing team brought in Wolff Olins to work on the rebranding.  


The Wolff Olins team stated. "Vonage’s new visual identity centres around a bold, gradient color palette and charming illustrations and icons, standing out in a corporate environment. The visual language was designed to “flex across the tech space and into the hearts and mind of developers. Rich gradients challenge the more static colorspace of the industry, and the illustration style and verbal identity brings to life the quirk and irreverence that made Vonage memorable in the past. All of it works together to create an experience that’s as delightful as it is helpful."



​​When Wolff Olins joined Vonage marketing to rebrand the company, the Product Design leaders were brought in to provide art direction and help guide the project. This wouldn't have been possible without the bridge that has been built between Marketing and Product. Being a part of the Vonage team responsible for the rebrand, I was able to make sure the brand reflected the new Vonage after multiple tech acquisitions and a huge expansion of offerings. It was important to signal where the company is going and build off of the previous brand that had been so successful in the past but was now outdated. I was influential in making sure that all guidelines worked well across marketing materials and products. All elements were also input into the Vonage design system so that all applications could be easily updated without substantial code revisions. 

Further details and metrics available during in-person interview. 

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