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Vonage Business Communications 


Vonage Business Solutions consists of three business lines: API platform, B2B Vonage Business Cloud application, and Vonage Contact Center technology.

APIs enable both startups and enterprises the ability to build live video, messaging, 2FA, and more from Vonage's comprehensive suite of communications channels into their applications. The APIs are complemented by customer a dashboard and developer documentation and developer tools that assisted with using, monitoring, and managing an application.

Contact Center technology offers a platform that has the ability enhance service experience to a range of companies.


Vonage Business Cloud is a tool to activate conversations across voice, SMS, team messaging, fax, social media and more. With this wide breadth of offerings there was a plethora of UX design and research opportunities.



Vonage acquired TokBox in 2018 during a season of acquisitions for the company. I came into Vonage as Design Director of UX Design and Research. My role was to co-lead a large global UX team across US, UK and Israel, collaborate with Product, Engineering, and Marketing, and support across all product lines. I defined a new design process with ongoing documentation that provided the necessary structure and efficiencies for a multi-timezone team to run efficiently.   

With multiple technologies coming together, it resulted in unique but intriguing challenges. I was responsible for defining Vonage’s PAAS/SAAS/API Product Design and UX Research strategy based on a deep concern for the user’s perspective. This led to delivering customer experiences that reduced churn and increased customer acquisition, retention, revenue, and LTV. 


I demonstrated customer centricity by introducing UX Research to the design process and partnering with other departments to create more OKR alignment. My team delivered insights that impacted 1M+ product users, including web/mobile apps, APIs, call centers, and VR/AR.  I managed the budget and tracked all research projects utilizing a variety of methodologies to ensure business goals were being met.  

​I built a bridge between Marketing and Product that promoted alignment and consistency in experience and brand. I provided art direction for both the rebrand and website redesign.

Further details and metrics are available during in-person interviews. 

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