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Work Experience

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2021-2023 | Pearson Education Tech
Sr Director of Product Design

  • Accountable for the design experience of global digital channels and e-commerce sites at Pearson, the world's most extensive learning and ed tech company serving customers (B2B2C & D2C) with results of $330M+ annual revenue and about 4M+ orders globally.  

  • Unified and directed a global design org (UX, UI, Visual, Design Systems, UX Research, Content Strategy, UX Writing, and Content Design) and restored a positive, inclusive, rewarding, and collaborative team culture centered around principles of feedback and learning.  

  • Enhanced educator, student, and practitioner user experiences and addressed Pearson's prioritized funnel of business objectives for K12, Higher Education, Lifetime Learners, and Clinical markets:

    • 40K+ product portfolio; it generated ~$55M in revenue and 1M+ orders just two years post-launch. I focused on the unified product catalog, navigation, adaptive search, Learner-centric product discovery, seamless checkout, and fraud management. 

    • Pearson Plus (P+): 1M+ subscriptions, 4.5M+ users, and a 45% conversion rate. I focused on learner sign-up, navigation, product selection, checkout flows, and partner student offers. 

    • Pearson Clinical Assessments: 3K+ product portfolio generated $200M+ revenue and roughly 675K orders in just 3.5 years. 

  • Scaled and refined the design system, meeting high accessibility standards. 

  • Built trust and consensus when presenting work to stakeholders and executives through effective communication, increased engagement, and thoughtful storytelling.

  • Transformed processes to guarantee timely delivery and ensure that necessary critiques, reviews, and retrospectives occurred. 

  • Defined career architecture roles, determined hiring needs based on capacity and future roadmap, authored job descriptions, and conducted the interview process.  

  • Provided connection, support, and coaching to colleagues through an internal mentorship program.

2014-2018 | TokBox
Product Design Lead

  • Headed Product Design, Brand, and Marketing Design for TokBox, a PaaS  Telefónica company, offering a global platform enabling customers to quickly and easily integrate real-time communications into their website and mobile apps.

  • Led a talented team of product, visual, and interaction designers responsible for delivering design for the platform interface, developer starter kids, web and mobile sites, product marketing, advertising materials, environmental event design, swag design, and brand management. 

  • Implemented design processes for Product Design and Product Marketing work to enable the team to deliver quality work on time and reduce burnout. 

  • Responsible for the product design budget and contract designers, documentation writers, and UX interns.

  • Established the first TokBox UX Research initiative to gain valuable insight into user personas, journeys, and pain points, which then informed Product strategy and aligned OKRs of Product, Engineering, Design, and Product Marketing.   

  • Delivered research insights and Product Designs that resulted in increased customer retention, customer acquisition, revenue, and LTV, and reduced churn. 

  • Transformed the company culture to one that valued UX Design and UX Research, seeing both disciplines as an imperative component of the Product development process.

2012-2014 | Graphic Language
Senior Designer

  • Designed custom end-to-end websites, mobile sites, social media ads, interactive tools, and delightful user experiences for large-scale real estate developers and home builders.

  • Art directed and mentored junior designers to deliver visually appealing graphics and simple UI solutions for marketing site designs. 

  • Partnered with front-end developers to smoothly hand off designs and ensure quality implementation that met design standards and customer expectations. 

  • Collaborated with the marketing team to deliver custom banner ads and email marketing advertising availability of new housing developments. 

  • Met with and maintained positive relationships with clients to understand their business objectives for their website, request necessary assets, and draft a site map of their web pages.

2019-2020 | Vonage 
Director of UX Research

  • Built Vonage's first global UX Research organization to deliver insights that impacted 1M+ users across web/mobile SaaS applications, voice, messaging, video APIs, call centers, and VR/AR products. 

  • Defined UX Research strategy and prioritized roadmap for the Vonage PAAS/SAAS/API user flows, bringing the user's voice to life through data insights, resulting in new UX requirements and recommendations.

  • Established a UX Research process, managed the research budget, and handled all UX research projects. 

  • Cultivated strong relationships with Product, Marketing, Engineering, Customer Success, and Sales to promote customer-centric alignment and educate the company about UX Research. 

  • Delivered Customer Journey and Persona research utilized across the global organization to inform product strategy. 

  • Procured and managed multiple UX Research consultancies to scale research efforts. 

  • Defined and documented job architecture, roles, and levels within the org; determined hiring needs based on capacity and future roadmap; authored job descriptions; and conducted the interview process.

2018-2019 | Vonage
Director of Product Design

  • Defined Product Design strategy and prioritized product design roadmap informed by user research and Vonage business objectives for Vonage Business Cloud Application (B2B), API products (B2B2C), Call Center technology (B2B2C), and AR/VR products.

  • Enriched user experience for core audiences (developers, product owners, business executives, and IT/administrative staff) by delivering improved UX flows and UI interfaces for calling, messaging, meeting features, and documentation sites.

  • Unified and directed a global product design org post-multi-acquisitions (Nexmo, TokBox, OpenAI) and built a positive, inclusive, rewarding, and collaborative team culture centered around principles of feedback and learning.  

  • Demonstrated customer centricity by introducing UX Research to the product design strategy and partnering with Product and Engineering to reach a more profitable OKR alignment. 

  • Built a much-needed bridge between the Marketing and Product organizations to encourage strategic alignment and brand consistency.

  • Played a crucial role in rebranding Vonage from a 90s Voip company to a modern, programmable communications industry leader. Art-directed website and mobile site redesign with new branding.

  • Defined the design process and documentation that provided the structure and efficiencies for a multi-timezone team to run efficiently.

2013-2014 | Scribd
UI Designer

  • Collaborated well with UX designers, product managers, content, and software engineers to deliver new features to Scribd's marketing website, ebook reading experience, and publishing tools across web, Android, and iOS applications.

  • Delivered new webpage designs supporting the company's transition from a publishing platform to a subscription service with 1M+ titles and 60M+ documents available to 80M users. 

  • Participated in an internal mentorship program to provide junior designers with feedback and coaching to support them and grow their skills.

  • Led the Scribd rebrand, including an updated color palette, graphic style, photography style, and fonts, documented in a brand guideline booklet.  

  • Coordinated a brand photoshoot, including sourcing the photographer,  stylist, and models and renting private Airbnb locations that fit the brand's environment style.

  • Collaborated with the design team to redesign the marketing website, which was featured in Time Magazine as one of the top 50 websites of 2014.


Academy of Art University​
Masters of Digital & Graphic Design
San Francisco | 2017

University of California​
Bachelor of Arts, American Studies
Santa Cruz | 2005

Continuing education is important to me and I love the challenge it brings. No matter how much experience we have, there is always more to learn. 

Leading Effective Teams Certificate, Columbia Business School
UX Strategy & Research Workshop, Center Center UIE
UX VP Director Course, NNG
Front End Web Dev Course, GA

Completed Courses: 


from a designer in tech

Leveling up your team starts with understanding and investing in each individual. I value team culture and strive to foster an environment where hard work, fun, and learning are a priority. I feel strongly about giving and receiving feedback so that we can continually improve ourselves and our products.

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