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I am a design leader with 12+ years of experience in product design, marketing design and eComm.

Building and running multidisciplinary design teams is where I thrive. In partnership with other leaders, I define big picture design strategy and translate that into actionable projects for the design team. I invest in every team member, facilitate skill building, and cultivate a positive team culture.

I believe innovation lives at the intersection of data and creative risk taking. By combining design driven thinking, cross-departmental alignment, and UX research methodologies, my teams deliver engaging and cohesive end-to-end customer experiences. 

Colleague Recommendations

"Tessa leads with determination, focus, poise, humor, and kindness. She is invested in each person on her team. Her clear communication and ability to build strong relationships within her team and across departments  were critical to our company successfully achieving our objectives. Even with managing product design, user research, and marketing design, Tessa was incredibly well organized and always able to strike the difficult balance of focusing on long term strategic goals while remaining flexible in response to a quickly evolving market."

Lauren Slattery

Director of Marketing


"As one of Tessa's direct reports, I was able to learn so much from her about developing a high level of craft, holistic systems thinking, and the real impact of design on business outcomes. She ensures that design has a voice, vision, and strategy within an organization and advocates for everyone on her team to succeed. I have been consistently impressed by Tessa's ability to further design's role in a company, collaborate with executives and stakeholders across departments, and push herself to tackle new skills and challenges."

Liz Feder

Senior Product Designer


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