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I design products and services that make a great first impression,
are easy to use, and align with users' aspirations.


I've enjoyed leading happy teams for 10 years.

I design B2B + B2C products, solutions, and software at technology companies startup-enterprise.

I study users to create delightful, yet simple experiences that support goals and address pain-points of the user.

I mentor junior team members by making space for learning, support, and growth, and success.

I tell stories that drive conversations, I am curious, and I build collaborative relationships across teams. 

As a leader, I remove obstacles in the team's path and provide the tools needed to be successful.

I promote a happy and healthy team culture, ensure all voices are heard, and always welcome feedback.  

"Tessa leads with determination, focus, poise, humor, and kindness. She is invested in each person on her team. Her clear communication and ability to build strong relationships within her team and across departments  were critical to our company successfully achieving our objectives." 

Lauren Slattery

Director of Marketing

TokBox / Telefonica

"Tessa is different from many leaders you encounter in corporate life. She is relentlessly kind, honest, cares about people as much as the work and has a very high bar for quality, not just in the work, but in the culture she creates around her. I would not hesitate to hire or work with (or for) Tessa if the opportunity presented itself." 

Trip O'Dell

Senior Director Product Design

Pearson Ed Tech

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